Community Development

Public Participation at Planning and Zoning Board Meetings

Thank you for your interest in Hopewell board meetings.  Any person wishing to comment on a specific application must do so, on the record, at the specific meeting when the application is being heard. Written comments or emails are not accepted nor are they forwarded to the Board for consideration

All Board meetings are open to the public.


US Home Corporation (dba Lennar) has begun site clearing and land development work on the North portion of Hopewell Parc, located along the west side of Scotch Road.  The related approval documents, exhibits, and plans are listed and available for review on the Planning Board web page.  

Mt. Rose Distillery West - LHT Trail Segment

On April 26, 2022, a public information session was held to discuss the upcoming construction of the Mt. Rose Distillery West segment of the Lawrence Hopewell Trail. Below is a video of that meeting: 

Mt. Rose Distillery West - LHT Trail Segment Plan

Mt. Rose Distillery West - LHT Trail Segment Traffic Calming Options Plan