Can I download a permit application?
Uniform Construction Code applications are available from the State of New Jersey Web Site. Some permits applications are available on our Forms, Permits and Documents page.

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1. What type of improvements require a permit?
2. If I need a permit, who should I contact?
3. Can I download a permit application?
4. Why is a permit necessary?
5. How do I go about obtaining a permit?
6. If I need a permit for certain types of improvements, does that include my basement, or adding a pool?
7. Do I need a certificate of occupancy?
8. Do I need a zoning permit?
9. Do I need to retain an engineer or architect for my home improvements?
10. Where do I find out about setback requirements?
11. What zone is my property in?
12. How can I find out about water and sewer availability?
13. Where do I find out about septic systems?
14. How long does the Construction Department keep my permits?
15. How do I schedule a Construction Inspection?