Hopewell Valley Municipal Alliance

About the Hopewell Valley Municipal Alliance

Hopewell Valley Municipal Alliance is part of a state-wide network aimed at the prevention of alcoholism and drug addiction, primarily for youth.

The Hopewell Valley Municipal Alliance works toward this goal by supporting and administering over 20 programs and activities in 3 municipalities of Hopewell Valley: Hopewell Township, Pennington Borough and Hopewell Borough. These programs and activities are geared toward drug and alcohol awareness and education, positive youth development and overall public safety.

Our Vision

Hopewell Valley - A community united in the development of caring, confident and responsible youth.

Healthy Communities Healthy Youth

Healthy Communities Healthy Youth is a unique approach that empowers the community to promote the positive development of its children, adolescents and teens. It does so by ensuring that each part of the community realizes the benefits of developmental assets in its youth. Developmental Assets* are building blocks young people need to become healthy, principled and caring adults. The more developmental assets in a young person's life, the less likely they are to engage in at-risk behaviors.

The Hopewell Valley Municipal Alliance brought this unique approach to the Hopewell Valley community in 1996 by creating a partnership with all sectors of the community including municipal governments, businesses, schools, police, clergy, civic organizations, senior citizens, health professionals, recreation organizations, parents and students, who work together to make Hopewell Valley healthier and safer for its youth.

*View the 40 Developmental Assets.