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Season 2022-2023: End of Season Survey

  1. Hunting Experience: How long have you been a hunter? *
  2. How much TOTAL time did you spend at your TWP hunting parcel this season? *
    (i.e. hunting, scouting, baiting, boundary posting)
  3. Did you sometimes use bait to increase your harvest odds? *
  4. Did you sometimes use lure to increase your harvest odds? *
  5. Hunting Success: Did you meet the required quota? *
  6. If no, "what factors limited your deer harvest?"
  7. Hunting Parcel (size vs. number of hunters)*
  8. Hunter relations with Co-Hunters:*
  9. Hunting Program: *
  10. (Briefly explain any unusual sightings or other issues that you feel need to be addressed – ex. existing tree stands, trash piles / unusual items, parking problems, signs, neighbors, other hunters, etc.)
  11. Leave This Blank:

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