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Basic Life Support Services (BLS)

Hopewell Valley is served by two volunteer and one paid emergency medical services organizations which provide basic life support. The medical response areas are the valley's three fire districts that were established many years ago. Today, they still generally provide geographically sound boundaries for rapid emergency response.

Hopewell Fire Department Emergency Medical Unit

Led by volunteers, the Hopewell Borough Fire Department's Emergency Medical Unit (EMU) serves the historic Borough of Hopewell and the Hopewell Fire Department's response district (District 52) of Hopewell Township. The Hopewell EMU is located at the firehouse on Columbia Avenue in the Borough of Hopewell and is supported by tax funds from the Hopewell Borough and Hopewell Township Fire Districts, private donations and the organizations fundraising activities.

To inquire about volunteer opportunities, contact the fire department and EMU at

Hopewell Fire Department & Emergency Medical Unit (EMU)
4 Columbia Avenue
Hopewell, N.J. 08525

Union Fire Company Rescue Squad

The Union Fire Company Rescue Squad is located at the firehouse on Route 29 in Titusville and serves the Titusville Fire response district (District 53) of Hopewell Township. This volunteer unit is supported through tax funds of the Hopewell Township Fire District, private donations and the organization's fundraising.

To inquire about volunteer opportunities, contact the fire departments and rescue squad at

Union Fire Company & Rescue Squad 
1396 River Rd
Titusville, N.J. 08560

Hopewell Valley Emergency Services Unit

The Hopewell Valley Emergency Services Unit operates a medical response unit from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m., Monday through Friday. This unit's formation in 1998 was in response to the volunteer organizations' difficulty in finding new members available to ride during the normal working hours. All of the organizations are familiar with each other's equipment and personnel. Frequently work together at scenes forming a unified team to mitigate medical emergencies in the valley. 

Advanced Life Support Services (ALS)

Hopewell Valley's advanced life support services are provided by the Mercer County Mobile Intensive Care Unit of Capital Health System EMS at the Regional Campus in Trenton. Four to six units are constantly staffed and stationed in specific districts throughout the County. These Advanced Life Support units (Lifemobiles) respond along with the local emergency medical services in potentially life-threatening cases. The response is directed by specific protocols obtained by the 9-1-1 Communications Center when the initial call is received. Capital Health System charges fees for their services based on guidelines established by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). 

Trauma centers are easily accessed through ground transport or by the New Jersey Air Medical Unit currently operated by the New Jersey State Police. There are pre-designated landing zones used in these situations which reduce the transport time to definitive care to a minimum for trauma patients. Mercer County Emergency Services Dispatch Center (link) handles air medical dispatch and coordination when field EMS personnel request aeromedical transport based on specific criteria upon scene arrival.

This two-tiered system of response allows both life-threatening and non-life-threatening calls for service to be handled with a minimum but adequate number of resources to handle the situation.