Home Alone Security Check

Home Alone Security Checks allow parents to notify the police department when they must go out of town and leave teens or young adults home unsupervised.

We know that some teens, when left home alone, see the opportunity to have a small gathering of friends at their homes. Experience has shown that frequently word of a small gathering will spread and quickly the small gathering becomes a large party with uninvited people and frequently alcohol or drugs.

Parents have expressed concern about such parties. However, they are often unsure how to prevent one from happening at their home. Some people resort to contacting friends or neighbors to request that they keep an eye on things. Some people are reluctant, to either make the request, or, if they are requested, to act as a watch dog for a neighbor. This program will alleviate the need for make these requests of a neighbor. Download a Home Alone Request Form (PDF).


Parents desiring this service should obtain the request form, complete it, sign it, and forward it to the police department prior to departing on their trip. The form will alert officers on patrol to keep an eye on the home. Officers will look for unusual activity, and if any is observed, the officer will contact the parent. The parent will then have the opportunity to put an end to any extracurricular activity before it gets out of hand and becomes a police matter.

Security Checks

  • Does not authorize police to enter your home without permission or without probable cause
  • Does not make the police department "babysitters" for your home or your children
  • Does not guarantee that nothing will happen at your home or that your children are guaranteed to be safe
However, it:
  • Does alert police to a home where a youth is home alone
  • Does provide a means of contacting you if there is a problem or potential problem

Timing & Frequency

The police department cannot guarantee the timing or frequency of the house checks. The goal of this program is to prevent unsupervised youth parties in Hopewell Township and Hopewell Borough. It is prevention, not apprehension. We believe that parents taking advantage of this program will have a very significant preventative effect with respect to unsupervised parties and do much to keep our young people safe.