Leaves are collected during April, November, and December. There is no predetermined schedule. Leaves are gathered throughout the Township, with every neighborhood receiving at least one visit per season from Public Works. 

Leaf collection on Routes 29 & 31 requires a call to 609-537-0250 when the leaves are ready.

Leaf Guidelines

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Spring collection occurs in April

  • Leaves are collected on all roadways within the Township, including state highways and county roads.
  • Leaves should be out by April 1.
  • Leaves are collected once, and the collection will continue until every residence is done.

Fall collection occurs in November and December.


  • Do not mix brush with leaves. Your leaves can't be collected if they are mixed with brush. Why? Leaves and brush are handled and processed differently.
  • Do not place leaves in the street, gutter, or within 10 feet of any storm drain inlet. See the picture above. 
Leaves With Raker