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Notice of Road Work 

Beginning on or about August 8, 2022, 8am- 4:30pm, roads in Hopewell Township will be under construction as part of the Township’s annual road maintenance program. The work is scheduled to be completed by September 5, 2022, weather permitting. 

The work will proceed in two phases. The first phase will involve patching of distressed pavement; small and localized repairs to existing pavement. 

The second phase will include either Chip Sealing or Micro Paving. Chip Sealing involves the application of liquid asphalt that is quickly covered with crushed stone. Micro Paving involves the application of a slightly thicker layer of liquid asphalt mixed with fine aggregate to form a slurry that is applied to the road surface. These processes have been used in the past to preserve many Hopewell Township roads. 

During this work, there will be no on-street parking permitted. There will be restrictions on accessing your driveway while the materials cure. The restrictions will be short and last no more than ½ hour for Chip Seal and up to 2 hours for Micro Paving. Contractor personnel on-site will help direct you during these restrictions. 

Roads will be open to emergency vehicles at all times.  If you have special needs such as a wedding, large party, etc., please contact Asphalt Paving Systems. 

Working with liquid asphalt is challenging. When wet it will stick to shoes, clothing, cars and paws. It is extremely difficult to remove. Please do not drive, walk or allow pets near any wet material. There will also be loose stone until the surface is cured and has been swept. Bicycle riding, walking and running will be challenging. 

The Township and our paving contractor, Asphalt Paving Systems, thank you in advance for your cooperation during these much needed improvements. 

Questions?  Please call Asphalt Paving Systems 609-561-4161 or Van Cleef Engineering Associates 609-689-1100.

The roads included in this project-            

  • Aunt Molly Road (Chip Seal)
  • Bayberry Road(Chip Seal)
  • Crusher Road (Micro Pave)
  • Dublin Road (Chip Seal)
  • Grand View Avenue (Chip Seal)
  • Mine Road (upper only) (Chip Seal)
  • Moores Mill - Mount Rose Road (Micro Pave)
  • New Road (Micro Pave)
  • Old Mill Road (Chip Seal)
  • Pleasant Valley-Harbourton Road (Chip Seal)
  • Reservoir Road (Chip Seal)
  • Stony Brook Road (Chip Seal)
  • Wargo Road (Chip Seal)
  • Woodens Lane (Chip Seal)
  • Church Road (Chip Seal)
  • Diverty Road (Chip Seal)
  • Dunwald Lane (Chip Seal)
  • North Star Avenue (Chip Seal)
  • Eastern Avenue (Chip Seal)
  • Echo Hill Drive (Chip Seal)
  • Fiddlers Creek Road (Chip Seal)
  • Goat Hill Road (Chip Seal)
  • Hansen's Corner (Chip Seal)
  • Titus Mill Road (Micro Pave)
  • Barry Road (Chip Seal)

Our Mission
The Township of Hopewell Department of Public Works mission is to provide essential services that promote and enrich the quality of life for residents, visitors and businesses. It is the department’s goal to provide its services through practical use of resources, technology, communication, teamwork, education, and innovation. 

Our Responsibilities
The Department of Public Works includes the following 
areas of responsibility: public works administration; 144 miles of roads including winter maintenance; buildings and grounds; fleet maintenance for all township vehicles including police; stormwater systems; sanitary sewer collection and conveyance systems;  water supply systems; parks, recreation and open space maintenance; and 24/7 support during emergencies and catastrophic events.  These areas of responsibility require adherence to guidelines, law, and rules set forth by Federal, State and Local agencies.

 Our Team
The Department of Public Works is made up of employees with many talents and one common mission: to promote a culture that values pride in work, pride in the department, and optimal service.   

Our Programs and Services
Maintain township roads
Mow grass and maintain trees in township right of ways
Maintain street signs and paint crosswalks
Snow and Ice Control
Storms drain maintenance
Sanitary sewer distribution lines
Water supply systems
Municipal building maintenance
Park and field maintenance
Leaf collection
Brush collection
Bulk waste collection
Freon, tire, paper shredding, and electronic waste collection events
Vehicle maintenance services for municipal vehicles