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Notice for Municipal Building Construction Project

Hopewell Township will begin a major construction project involving the Township Municipal Building located at 201 Washington Crossing Pennington Road, Titusville on or about April 16th.  The project will primarily repair extensive water damage sustained in the building over the past 20+ years and will last about 9 months. 

The project will include reconstruction of brick facing, reconstruction of mansard roofing, waterproofing foundation walls, reconstruction of steps at main entrance, reconstruction of police entrance, window replacements, generator upgrades, elevator pit reconstruction with structural repairs and limited accessibility improvements.  The magnitude of work is significant. 

The work will be disruptive to day-to-day operations.  Efforts are being made to coordinate project phasing with staff to minimize inconvenience to the public.  Temporary offices may be established in the upper level as necessary to better accommodate the more frequently visited departments in the lower level because the elevator will be out of service for approximately two months.  Temporary access points to the building will be established and as the project advances those access points may need to be relocated.  Again every effort is being made to minimize inconvenience to the public, however, given the magnitude of the project, inconveniences will no doubt occur for which we apologize.

A web page has been established on the Hopewell Township website for information relating to this project.  A feedback button is available to send comments or experiences, negative and positive, to the Township Administrator/Engineer who is coordinating with the project architect and contractor.

Thank you for your patience. Updates will be periodically made available on the web page devoted to this project http://www.hopewelltwp.org/project-documents/munibldg/index.html







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