Bridge Reconstruction Notice

Beginning on or about Friday, June 23, 2017 Mercer County D.O.T. will commence bridge repairs on a structure located along Blackwell Road between Cold Soil Road and Federal City Road.

Repairs will consist of complete bridge replacement, necessitating a full 24/7 closure of Blackwell Road. 

During construction, Blackwell Road up to the bridge will be open to local residents but the bridge will be fully closed to through traffic.

A detour will be posted directing motorists to use Federal City Road, Lawrenceville-Pennington Road, Keefe Road and Cold Soil Road.

This project is anticipated to take approximately 90 days to complete, weather permitting.



Bridge Reconstruction Notice

On or about Monday, December 5, 2016 the Mercer County Department of Transportation and Infrastructure will start the rehabilitation of the two bridges on River Drive, one over Fiddlers Creek, and one over Steele Run, which have been closed for over three years.

Sections of River Drive, near these two bridges, will remain closed to pedestrian and vehicular traffic for the duration of the project.

This project is to be completed in 150 calendar days, weather permitting.






























 Please continue check this advisory banner for further updates.    Refresh/reload the page periodically to ensure you are seeing the latest information.

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 ITNGreaterMercer Needs You!  

What is ITNGreaterMercer™?

  • ITNGreaterMercer™ is a new nonprofit community-based transportation service for seniors and the visually impaired within Mercer County.  The Independent Transportation Network (ITN) has been operating in Portland, Maine for ten years and is now branching out across the country.  Seniors and the visually impaired can use the ITN service to maintain their independence and remain active members of the community when they are no loner able or choose not to drive. 

How does ITNGreaterMercer™ work?

  • ITNGreaterMercer™ provides 24/7 transportation for seniors within our service area, a ten mile radius around Quakerbridge Mall, which covers almost all of Mercer County.  Seniors (65+) and visually impaired adults join and become dues paying members.  The transportation is provided primarily by volunteers but is supplemented with several paid drivers.  This helps to keep costs as low as possible for the members.  All members have a debit transportation account with ITNGreaterMercer™ so the drivers never need to worry about collecting ride fees.

I thought there were transportation services for seniors in Mercer County, how is ITNGreaterMercer™ different? 

  • There are several transportation options for seniors within Mercer County but they are limited in their hours, destinations or purposes.  ITNGreaterMercer™ never restricts the destination, trip purpose, or frequency of its members’ rides.  ITNGreaterMercer™ provides door to door direct transportation in private cars instead of vans and buses, which are difficult for some seniors to use and can require them to wait for long periods.  ITNGreaterMercer™ is not trying to replace these other services but to work with them to provide the best transportation possible.

Why should I volunteer for ITNGreaterMercer™?

  • Volunteering for ITNGreaterMercer™ is an easy way to give back to your community.  Many seniors and visually impaired people in Mercer County are struggling with transportation.  The existing transportation options are unable to meet their needs and they are unable or tired of asking friends and family members for help.  They are forced to either stay home or drive when they do not feel safe because they have no other viable options.  ITN volunteer drivers provide transportation for seniors and the visually impaired to get to their doctor’s appointments, to visit friends, to go shopping, to go out to eat and much more.  If you have ever seen someone struggle with not being able to drive, you know how difficult it is and how much of a difference one ride can make. 

What are the benefits of volunteering for ITNGreaterMercer™?

  • In addition to providing a valuable service for the community, ITN volunteer drivers also accumulate mileage credits that can be accrued in their own account, donated to a friend or family member or donated to a fund for low income seniors.  ITN volunteer drivers can also get a partial reimbursement for their gas costs.  By far the biggest benefit is the satisfaction you get from helping someone out.  After your first ride, you will be hooked. 

How much time is required?

  • At ITNGreaterMercer™ we realize that everyone has different schedules and work with our volunteers to accommodate their needs.  You can volunteer everyday or once a month; it’s up to you. 

I don’t know the roads well, will I have to drive far from home?

  • We try to keep drivers within their own towns as much as possible.  Like with the schedules, we can be flexible on each volunteer’s driving area.  We can provide directions to and from pick up locations and our staff is always available to help, if needed.

How do I become a volunteer driver?

  • The first step to becoming a volunteer driver is to complete an application.  ITNGreaterMercer™ will then invite you to a training session which will teach you about the history of ITN, the benefits of being a volunteer driver and provide some hands on training on assisting ITN members.  All ITNGreaterMercer™ volunteer drivers are also required to undergo a criminal background check by the NJ State Police, which includes being fingerprinted, and a motor vehicle check by the Department of Motor Vehicles.  ITNGreaterMercer™ will provide all the necessary forms and reimburse our volunteers for the cost of fingerprinting.

For more information on ITNGreaterMercer™ or becoming a volunteer driver, please call 609-452-1491 or email us at


 Please click here for the volunteer driver application


Providing Dignified Transportation for Seniors and the Visually Impaired



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