Milling and Paving Notice for Elm Ridge Road

On or about Tuesday, September 20, 2016, Mercer County D.O.T. will be milling and resurfacing Elm Ridge Road (County Route 625) between Pennington-Rocky Hill Road and Carter Road in Hopewell Township.

Construction will take place between 9 AM and 3 PM, Monday through Friday. During construction, the road will be closed to traffic.

Mercer County anticipates that this work will take approximately fifteen (15) working days, weather permitting. 

Motorists will be directed to use Pennington-Rocky Hill Road and Carter Road as detour routes. 



Road Construction Notice

Beginning on or about Monday, May 2, 2016, Mercer County DOT will be rehabilitating the stone arch of the Wargo Road Bridge located approximately ½ mile north of Titusmill Road.

This will require a full closure of Wargo Road on a 24/7 basis.

The work is anticipated to be completed sometime in October of 2016.

During construction, a detour will be posted directing motorists to use Pennington-Rocky Hill Road, Darrow Drive, Westcott Boulevard and Bradford Lane.





























 Please continue check this advisory banner for further updates.    Refresh/reload the page periodically to ensure you are seeing the latest information.

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Health Department
Mission Statement


The Hopewell Township Health Department provides state-mandated services and is staffed by State licensed public health professionals. The department provides prevention oriented personal health services as well as regulatory environmental and communicable disease services in the community. Disease prevention and health promotion can be best advanced through change in lifestyle, fitness activities, nutrition, and health awareness. Please call the Health Department at 737-0120 if you have any concerns or questions.

NAME / Email
Health Officer
(Admin, Water, Letter of Reviews, Food, Camps & Nuisances)
609-737-0120  x639

George Kiesel

(Septics, Wells and other environmental complaints)  
609-737-0120  x635

Vital Statistics
(Births, marriages, deaths and other records) 

609-737-0120  x684

Office administration
(fees, permits, applications)   

609-737-0120  x636
Belinda Ogitis
Animal Control Officer/ Pet Licenses, Strays, Rabies Control
609-737-0120  x678

Municipal Alliance Coordinator

609-737-0120 x642
Mary Rosner 
Public Health Nurse
609-737-0120  x638

Hopewell Valley Advisory Board of Health

211 Information      Health Insurance       

2016 Flu Clinic Information

What is Public Health? - Video

Leave that Fawn Alone!!!!

Hopewell Valley Health Happenings

Health Clinics & Events in Hopewell Valley 2016


Annual Report 2014 for Hopewell Township and Hopewell Valley

Greater Mercer Public Health Partnership – Community Health Assessment
(version July 10, 2012)

Wood Chip Management Guidance

Black Fly Treatment Information

Information Concerning Bed Bugs

NJDEP Underground storage tank (UST) remediation, upgrade and abandonment fund  pdf

Special Need Registration Program

Is It Magic...or Public Health?

Application for Pet Registration pdf

New Jersey Self-Help Group Clearinghousepdf


Hopewell Township Health Department reminder;   Day light savings ends November 6 so remember to Set you clocks back, replace the batteries in your smoke and carbon monoxide alarms and to restock your water and food supplies for an emergency.  Recent snow storm are reminders that everyone should be prepared to be without electricity, water, food or cable for extended periods of time.   A 3 day minimum supply of water, food and other supplies should be on hand. 

Hopewell Township office of emergency management alerts the public when there is an emergency event taking place using a reverse 911 calling system, local cable television notices, updates to the Hopewell Township web site and a service called CodeRed.  CodeRed is a free service that alerts residents to public safety threats and important community information via e-mail, and cell phone text messages. To register click here.   




Public Health nuisance code of Hopewell Township
Testing & Reporting Requirements for Wells and Septics Prior to Transfer of Property (Rev. 12/2010)
Chapter 16, Well Testing Requirements
Chapter 17, Well Testing Requirements
Pet Regulations
New 2011 fees adopted  for health department permits and Animal control pet licenses and activities
Standards for Keeping Chickens
Hopewell Township Septic Ordinance
16- 4 Food and Environmental Programs



Real Estate Transfer Requirements
Application for Septic Repair & Abandonment
Application for Letter of Review - Onsite Sewage Disposal & Well Water System
NJDEP Onsite Septic System Inspection Form
Application for a new well permit  
Well Alteration Permit Form (1/2006)
Municipal Construction Procedures - Underground Storage Tanks


CHAPTER 24 (N.J.A.C. 8:24)Sanitation in Retail Food Establishments and Food and Beverage Vending Machines
Township of Hopewell - Retail Food Application
Temp Food Application




What You Need to Know About Uranium in Drinking Water
A Homeowner's Guide to Arsenic in Drinking Water
FACTS - Volatile Organic Compounds in Drinking Water
NJ Private Well Testing Regulations
EPA-drinking water from household wells






Immunization Schedule 7-18 Years pdf
Immunization Schedule 0-6 Years pdf
Catch-up Immunication Schedule 4 Months-18 Years pdf





Births, marriages and deaths are permanently recorded by the Registrar of Vital Statistics in the municipality in which they actually take place. A fee and specific information are required to obtain a certified copy of any of these documents. Township records begin with 1921. A New Jersey marriage license is issued to each couple by the Registrar in the municipality in which the prospective bride resides. Out of state residents getting married in New Jersey must apply in the municipality in which the marriage is to take place.

Additional information on obtaining copies of birth, marriage and death records are available from the State of New Jersey Dept. of Health and Senior Services.

Helpful Links

Getting Copies of Non-Genealogical Records (current years)
Birth, Death, Marriage, Civil Union and Domestic Partnership


Application for a Non-Genealogical Certification or Certified Copy of a Vital Record – Reg-27  
Application for a certified copy of Marriage

For further information on office hours, procedures and fees, call Hopewell Township 737-0120, Hopewell Borough 466-2636, or Pennington Borough 737-0276


Various health education programs and videos are available for presentation at club and organization meetings. The Health Department also provides information and referral services for residents with questions about health.


The Health Department participates with Hopewell Valley Municipal Drug and Alcohol Alliance. The purpose of the Alliance is to conduct substance abuse awareness education and prevention activities.


Healthy Child – Well Baby Check-up & immunizations for uninsured township residents is provided by the Lawrence Township Health Department.   Preapproval is required.
For information and appointments call  737-0120  ext 638

Free vaccines are also available through the NJ Vaccine for Kids programs.
Local area Provider can be located at
Currently, children who are eligible to receive vaccines from the NJVFC Program must be within one of the following categories;

  • Medicaid, Medicaid Managed Care, or NJ FamilyCare Plan A
  • NJ FamilyCare Plans B, C and D
  • American Indian or Alaskan Native
  • Have no health insurance
  • *Have health insurance that does not pay for vaccine
  • Underinsured: A child who has commercial (private) health insurance but the coverage does not include vaccines, a child whose insurance covers only selected vaccines (VFC-eligible for non-covered vaccines only), or a child whose insurance caps vaccine coverage at a certain amount. These children must be immunized at a   Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC) or rural health center to receive free NJVFC vaccine.


Free Hypertension Screening.  Our Public Health Nurse monitors blood pressure.  Information is also provided about proper diet, exercise, weight control and other factors, which can help control blood pressure and improve one's general health.

Flu clinics are held in October and November of each year for residents over 18 years old.

Project Healthy Bones is an osteoporosis prevention, exercise and education program for older adults in New Jersey. The program is modeled after a program developed by the Massachusetts Department of Public Health and Action For Boston Community Development, Inc  Research has shown that high intensity strength training exercises along with weight bearing activities, such as walking, are an effective and feasible means to preserve bone density.  Strength training can also improve muscle mass, strength, and balance.

Project Healthy Bones classes are currently held at the health department and other participating sites through out the valley.  Please call the health department for availability and times.  737-0120x638.


The Health Department works to prevent and control illness in the community by investigation of communicable diseases.

Free and Confidential Sexually Transmitted Disease & HIV Testing & Counseling Clinics:   

Hamilton Township Health Department, 2100 Greenwood Avenue, Hamilton, 609-890-3647. Walk-in hours are Tuesday 9-12pm.    Photo id is required

Trenton Health Department  - 218 North Broad Street, Trenton, NJ 08618  Phone: (609) 989-3242 The Adult health clinic provides confidential screenings for sexually transmitted diseases. You’ll only need to bring documents of your residency within Mercer County to access these services that are no charge. Quick and prompt is delivered by the professional staff. Referrals provided. Confidential HIV counseling and testing is also provided in that results are provided within 15 minutes using the latest technology. These are walk in services, no appointment is necessary.   
Clinic hours: Monday, Wednesday, and Friday 8:30am -11am and 1:15pm to 3:00pm

Trenton Health Department  also provides (Tuberculosis) TB testing and case management Services, referrals are required. Call 609-989-3242 for times and appointments. 

Henry J. Austin Medical Infection Disease Center 601 Hamilton Avenue, Trenton. Provides HIV testing for county residents.  Call 609-599-5263 for times and appointments.



All newly acquired dogs and cats can be vaccinated against rabies by 3 months of age. Three-year booster shots are given after the first dose and if the pet is over 1 year old.

All dogs must be licensed.  Application for Pet Registration pdf

Cats must be licensed or registered depending on the municipality of residence.

A State mandated door-to-door canvass is conducted annually to locate unlicensed pets.  Legal action may be taken if unlicensed pets are found.

To assist residents in protecting their pets and family against rabies, free Rabies Vaccination Clinics are conducted throughout the year; see the Hopewell Valley schedule on the last page.

Call the Health Department for dates for other free clinics throughout the greater Mercer County Area. 737-0120 Ext. 678
Anyone with knowledge of an animal bite (to a pet or person) is required to report the bite to the Health Department so that an investigation can be initiated.

Free Rabies Vaccination Clinics
                    10:00 ‑ 12:00 Noon
Hopewell Twp. Public Works Facilities
203 Washington Crossing Pennington Rd, Titusville


The environmental health staff conducts regular inspection for the 150 food vendors throughout the valley.  Copies of all reports are left with the facility owner and are on file at the Health Department for public review.

Seasonally, public bathing places are inspected by the Health Department. Life‑saving equipment, personnel certifications and proper sanitation procedures are checked to ensure safety.

Public health nuisance and occupational health complaints that are reported to the department are investigated and appropriate action taken.

The Health Department works closely with the State Department of Environmental Protection & Energy to solve local pollution control problems.  NJDEP Hotline is 1-877-WARNDEP (1-877-927-6337)

The Health Department issues permits for:
 * New construction, repairs and alterations to existing septic systems.

 * New or replacement wells & well pumps.

A Homeowner's Manual for the maintenance of septic systems is available upon request.

Information is also available on underground oil tanks, asbestos removal, lead hazards (both paint and drinking water) and solid waste.

The Health Department recommends testing of private wells for:

Total coliform bacteria annually.  Nitrates every 3 years.  Lead, arsenic, gross alpha and other organic chemicals every 5 years.



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