Cherry Valley Road Bridge Reconstruction (Montgomery and Princeton)

On or about Wednesday, November 4, 2015, the Cherry Valley Road Bridge over Beden’s Brook, located approximately ¼ mile east of Province Line Road, will be closed to traffic for reconstruction.

Motorists will be directed to use Province Line Road, Route 518 and Great Road as a detour route.

This project is expected to last approximately 60 days.  






 Please continue check this advisory banner for further updates.    Refresh/reload the page periodically to ensure you are seeing the latest information.

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The Affordable Housing Committee was established in 1986 for the purpose of monitoring the long-term compliance of the Township's lower income housing obligation within housing developments containing low/moderate income housing. The Committee is charged with establishing rental and sales policies for use by developers and owners in the sale, rental, resale and re-rental of low and moderate income units. The Committee can propose rules and procedures for enactment, to assure that low and moderate income units constructed in Hopewell Township remain available to such families for a minimum of 30 or 40 year period.

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Moving of the historic barn from the Arena site to its new home on the Weidel property

The Affordable Housing Committee consists of seven members who are appointed to two year terms by Township Committee. One member must be a member of Township Committee and serves for a one year term. The Township Administrator and Township Treasurer serve as ex-officio members. The Committee meets on thesecond Tuesday of the month at 7:00 p.m. in the Hopewell Township Municipal Building located at 201 Washington Crossing-Pennington Road.


Click here for Agendas and Minutes


Dori Anderson, Chair 1/6/14 to 12/31/15
Christine Herman, Vice Chairperson 1/12/15 to 12/31/16
Timothy Keenan, Secretary 1/12/15 to 12/31/16
Manjit Guleria 1/6/14 to 12/31/15
Lauren Williams 1/12/15 to 12/31/16
Alice Zeldis 1/6/14 to 12/31/15
Bruce Gunther (Alternate) 1/6/14 to 12/31/15
Stephen Rhoads (Alternate) 1/12/15 to 12/31/16
Kevin Kuchinski (Township Committee Member) 1/12/15 to 12/31/15
Paul Pogorzelski, Administrator /Engineer Ex-Officio Member
Elaine Borges, Chief Financial Officer/Treasurer Ex-Officio Member
Abigail Meletti Municipal Housing Liaison




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