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Member Term Expiration Date
William Cane, Co-Chair
3 Year
David Guerard 3 Year 12/31/20
Michael Van Clef 3 year 12/31/22
Dorothy Aicher 1 Year 12/31/21
John Piepszak, Master Gardener
1 Year 12/31/21
Alternate No.1- Mike Toth 1 Year 12/31/20
Vacancy 3 Year  
Alternate No. 2 - Vacancy
1 Year  
Kristin McLaughlin
Township Committee Liaison
1 Year 12/31/19
Administrative Officer
Mark Kataryniak  

Committee Formation

Whereas, on September 29, 2009, the Hopewell Valley Deer Management Task Force was created to develop a plan to mitigate negative impacts caused by deer on the quality of life of residents of Hopewell Valley and on the ecologic integrity of its forests; and

Whereas, the Task Force was charged with (1) initiating a public education program, (2) creating a comprehensive deer management plan and (3) determining the requirements for long-term sustainability of a successful deer management plan; and

Whereas, the Task Force conducted eight (8) public meetings, distributed and analyzed a public questionnaire, performed a nighttime spotlight survey of-the deer population and published articles about deer management issues in local newspapers; and

Whereas, in September, 2010 the Task Force presented its 56-page "Hopewell Valley Deer Management Plan" to the Hopewell Township Committee; and

Whereas, the Task Force found that the dramatic rise in the deer population has resulted in several negative impacts, including Lyme disease, deer-vehicle collisions, agricultural losses and landscape planting damage, all of which adversely affect the quality of life of residents of Hopewell Valley; and

Whereas, the Task Force also found that forests are adversely impacted by over abundant deer that graze on native plants and that the long term maintenance of forest cover is in jeopardy because new trees are eaten before they can replace those that fall; and

Whereas, the Task Force recommended a set of five (5) comprehensive goals to address these concerns, and offered eleven (11) specific strategies to meet the stated goals; and

Whereas, among other things the Task Force requested that the Hopewell Township Committee appoint a standing committee to implement the Task Force plan; and

Whereas, the Township Committee believes it to be in the best interest of the Township to create an Advisory Committee that will meet at least monthly and provide the Township Committee with reports, information and advice about steps to take to better manage the deer population in Hopewell Township and to mitigate the adverse effects of the deer population on the health, economics and ecology of the Township.