Review Purchase Order Terms & Conditions

NJ Business Registration Compliance

Pursuant to N.J.S.A. 52:32-44, The Township of Hopewell (“Contracting Agency”) is prohibited from entering into a contract with an entity unless the bidder/proposer/contractor, and each subcontractor that is required by law to be named in a bid/proposal/contract has a valid Business Registration Certificate on file with the Division of Revenue and Enterprise Services within the Department of the Treasury. 
Prior to contract award or authorization, the contractor shall provide the Contracting Agency with its proof of business registration and that of any named subcontractor(s).
Subcontractors named in a bid or other proposal shall provide proof of business registration to the bidder, who in turn, shall provide it to the Contracting Agency prior to the time a contract, purchase order, or other contracting document is awarded or authorized. 
During the course of contract performance:
(1) the contractor shall not enter into a contract with a subcontractor unless the subcontractor first provides the contractor with a valid proof of business registration. 
(2) the contractor shall maintain and submit to the Contracting Agency a list of subcontractors and their addresses that may be updated from time to time.  
(3) the contractor and any subcontractor providing goods or performing services under the contract, and each of their affiliates, shall collect and remit to the Director of the Division of Taxation in the Department of the Treasury, the use tax due pursuant to the Sales and Use Tax Act, (N.J.S.A. 54:32B-1 et seq.) on all sales of tangible personal property delivered into the State. Any questions in this regard can be directed to the Division of Taxation at (609)292-6400. Form NJ-REG can be filed online at
Before final payment is made under the contract, the contractor shall submit to the Contracting Agency a complete and accurate list of all subcontractors used and their addresses.   
Pursuant to N.J.S.A. 54:49-4.1, a business organization that fails to provide a copy of a business registration as required, or that provides false business registration information, shall be liable for a penalty of $25 for each day of violation, not to exceed $50,000, for each proof of business registration not properly provided under a contract with a contracting agency.

Emergency Purchases or Contracts

For purchases of an emergent nature, the contractor shall provide its Business Registration Certificate within two weeks from the date of purchase or execution of the contract or prior to payment for goods or services, whichever is earlier.

General: The vendor agrees to protect, defend and save harmless the Township of Hopewell against any demand for the use of any patented material, process, device or article that may enter into the manufacture, construction, or form any part of the materials or services covered by this order; and the vendor agrees further to indemnify and save harmless the Township of Hopewell, its officers, agents and employees from suits or actions of every nature and description brought against it for, or on account of. any injuries.or damages received or sustained by any party or parties, by, or from any of the acts of the vendor, servants or agents. In case of default by the vendor, the Township of Hopewell may procure the articles or services covered by this order from other sources and hold the vendor responsible for any excess occasioned thereby.

Quality: All materials or services furnished on this order must be as specified, and subject to our inspection and approval within a reasonable time after delivery at destination. Materials or services other than those specified in this order must not be substituted without authority from the Township of Hopewell. Material rejected will be returned at the vendor's risk and expense.

Quantity: The quantity of material ordered must not be exceeded without written authority being first obtained from the Township of Hopewell.

Packing: Damage to any material not packed to insure proper protection to same will be charged to vendor. Packages must be marked plainly with shipper's name and Township order number. No charges are allowed for boxing or crating unless previously agreed upon in writing.

Delivery: All materials must be shipped F.O.B. Destination. We pay no freight or express charges, except by previous agreement. If specific purchase is negotiated on the basis of F.O.B. shipping point, VENDOR IS TO PREPAY SHIPPING CHARGES AND ADD TO INVOICE. Delivery must actually be effected within the time stated on purchase order, failing in which we reserve the right to cancel this order and purchase elsewhere. Deliveries shall be made between 8:30 a.m. and 4 p.m. Monday to Friday inclusive, unless otherwise stated.

The conditions of this order must not be changed by vendor. If not satisfactory, return to Township of Hopewell.

Responsible Bidder: Failure of a Bidder to execute a purchase order awarded or to comply with any of the terms and conditions therein may disqualify the bidder from receiving future orders.

Payment: Claims are payable only on "Township of Hopewell voucher form." A voucher form accompanies each purchase order. Vendor is to complete voucher form as follows:

1. After delivery has been made enter the date of delivery for each item shown, exact quantity of each item delivered, correct extensions and total.

2. Indicate cash discount terms on voucher.

3. Mail completed voucher to the:

Township of Hopewell
Attn: Finance Department
201 Washington Crossing - Pennington Road
Titusville, NJ 08560 to 1410