The Municipal Clerk holds one of the most important and exacting positions in municipal government. So important, in fact, that in New Jersey the position is a statutory one. (N.J.S.A. 40A:9-133) So diverse is the role of the Municipal Clerk, encompassing a myriad of state statutes and serving all levels of government, that legislation was enacted in 1991 specifically designed to define the "Core" duties of this statutory office. These "Core" duties are as follows:

  • Secretary to the Municipal Corporation and custodian of the Municipal seal, minutes, books, bonds, contracts and archival records
  • Secretary to The Governing Body - prepare Board of Commissioners Meeting Agenda, be present at all meeting of the Governing Body, keep original record of all Ordinances and Resolutions. And also, act as a liaison to the public and correspondent on behalf of the Governing Body
  • Chief Administrative Office in all Elections in the Municipality
  • Chief Registrar of Voters in the Municipality
  • Administrative Officer
  • Records Coordinator and Manager responsible for implementing local archives and records retention programs as mandated
  • Other Duties that may be imposed by state statutes and regulations or Municipal Ordinances or regulations

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